The ways to battle menstrual migraines try This Natural Remedy

The ways to battle menstrual migraines try This Natural Remedy

The ways to battle menstrual migraines try This Natural Remedy

The menstrual cycle is a monthly headache for many women. This sounds like a metaphorical struggle, but actually it becomes a reality in the case of many women. During the menstrual cycle many women go through migraines and excruciating headaches. Menstrual migraines can cause nausea and vomiting also.  Menstrual migraine is really a challenge to be fully cured. One of the causes of menstrual migraine is consuming placebo pills before the cycle begins. This fluctuates the estrogen level and causes the headache. Since menstrual migraine is difficult to cure, you can surely battle it out with some remedial techniques. Here are the remedies you can try out to battle menstrual migraine:

# Keep a journal for starters

It is helpful to keep a menstrual journal. You can track down and note the days when you get menstrual migraines. Is it before the onset of the cycle, during the cycle, or after. You can also see the symptoms you have before the headache starts or how long does it last.  This is a record and you can show it to your gynecologist and ask for medical prognosis

# Take Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Ibuprofen and naproxen are really powerful painkillers that help to reduce the pain during menstrual migraine. It should be consumed two days prior to the onset of periods and 5 days post your cycle. 

# Low magnesium level

Magnesium is an important mineral nutrient that your body needs during periods. The drop of magnesium level may lead to migraine and headache. Hence, it is better to start consuming food items rich in magnesium from the 15th day of your cycle till the periods start

# Do not starve

Staying hungry for long hours also induces headaches and migraine. During menstruation, your body is low on energy level. Hence, it is recommended to have small portion of meals every 2 hours

# Watching  your food choices

During these periods, your body may start to crave for certain types of food items. Most women crave for coffee or chocolate, but little do they know that these foods trigger migraine. Coffee increases anxiety and sleeplessness which may lead to migraine and headaches. It is important to avoid such food items during the menstrual cycle

# Exercise

During the period’s, it is important to exercise, this regulates blood circulation. This keeps you rejuvenated.  Take a brisk walk in the morning and see the difference.

# Relax

It is important to wind out during the periods. Stress and tension causes menstrual migraine. Relax your mind and body through meditation or yoga. This will reduce the symptoms.

# sleep well

Sleeping patterns also contribute to the menstrual migraine. Irregular sleeping habits cause headaches. It is important to sleep early and adequately to prevent menstrual migraine

Our lifestyle choices matter during the menstrual cycle. It is important to regulate the estrogen levels in our body to prevent the migraines. Take advice from your doctor and regulate your eating habits to reduce the symptoms of menstrual migraine


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