AnyMind Group Extends its Google Channel Partnership Services through POKKT in India


AnyMind Group, a business enablement platform that develops and provides technology and solutions for marketers, publishers influencers, and business owners, announced that it would be offering the Google Channel Partnership (GCP) program through its Indian subsidiary, POKKT Mobile Ads (POKKT). The Google Channel Partnership will allow POKKT to offer tools – like Product Consultancy, Inventory Quality Assurance, User Acquisition Consultancy, and Revenue & Inventory Sales Optimization – that will enable publishers to drive their revenues and optimise users’ experience using Google products. Joining a group of the elite few service providers in India, this move is expected to enhance the ad revenue streams for publishers associated with POKKT, apart from existing proprietary offerings in mobile advertising.

POKKTs Offerings under google channel partnership

An independent analysis by POKKT revealed that there has been a 39% surge in mobile game downloads during the COVID-19 induced lockdown. The ad-tech platform registered that there has been a 31% increase in ad requests globally thereby pushing the mobile gaming industry into a stronger growth curve. Based on these patterns, the organisation determined that this is an opportune time to help publishers grow holistically.

POKKT will be capable of helping them from brand awareness to performance marketing solutions along with the AnyManager platform that enables publishers to consolidate, manage and track their revenue streams across a wide range of demand sources, and provides publishers with features including header bidding and automated pricing optimization, along with integration with Google Analytics and 3rd-party ad verification, viewability and brand safety tools. Additionally, publishers can also tap onto other solutions from AnyMind Group like direct-to-consumer and e-commerce enablement tools and social media monetization and optimization services.

Commenting on the offering, Kosuke Sogo, CEO and Co-founder of AnyMind Group said, “With the booming in-game segment in India, the introduction of GCP for our publisher partners is another strategic progression towards achieving our mission of making every business borderless – including publishers – opening up new possibilities for further growth. With POKKT’s reach and robust performance in India, we are confident that publishers and advertisers alike, will not only greatly benefit from this offering, but will also provide the industry with an impetus to grow in scale and diversity.

As part of its suite of offerings for marketers, publishers, influencers and business owners, AnyMind Group is also a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), which enables the company to add on to existing proprietary offerings by tapping onto Google’s range of services and products to help publishers grow.

Rohit Sharma, CEO and Co-founder of POKKT said, “We are delighted to offer GCP services that put Indian stakeholders at par with our international counterparts. With innovation and evolution at the helm of POKKT, this offering has been introduced after various rounds of discussion with top tier advertisers and publishers. As we aim to potentially engage with 700 million users per month, we are already witnessing a strong uptake from top tier players in India and Asia.”


POKKT creates ad campaigns that integrate into mobile games, with a reward mechanism for gamers. Since their launch in 2013, POKKT has created a global success story with offices in 10 countries and 100+ employees. POKKT has successfully delivered numerous campaigns for leading advertisers such as Unilever, P&G, Coca Cola, Disney, Mondelez, Samsung, Google, Amazon, GSK, ICICI, Nissan among others. POKKT works with over 3,000 publishers across the world, with an average of 700 million users using their platform monthly.

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