Asad Sultan and Mulberry Films Join Hands to Produce Hollywood Projects


Asad Sultan CEO of Deutsche Malayan Ventures and Rashaana Shah, Managing Director of Mulberry Films, are setting up a fund to produce International film & TV projects.

Asad Sultan, CEO of Deutsche Malayan Ventures

“After a decade of persistent efforts to get South Asian-themed premium content in front of mainstream global audiences, during which time Rashaana and Mulberry Films have been constant collaborators, we are confident the time for this cultural expression is here and now, and our new initiative is determined to contribute to it with our own storytelling,” said Asad Sultan.

Nanda Devi has recently been in the headlines because of the tragic glacier burst in Uttarakhand, India, that resulted in the deaths of at least fifty people. In 1965, the United States and India collaborated in an attempt to install a listening device at 25,000 feet on the mountain peak to monitor the nearby Chinese nuclear test site. The listening device was powered by highly radioactive plutonium and was lost during the expedition. It has been speculated that it may be the cause of the recent glacier melt in Uttarakhand. Asad introduced us to Scott Rosenfelt (Home Alone, Critical Thinking) who owned the life rights of three climbers. It is a compelling man vs mountain saga,” says Rashaana.

Regarding some of Mulberry’s bolder book acquisitions, Ms. Shah says, “I feel obliged to tell stories through the medium of cinema even if they’re controversial. It’s a way of giving a voice to those who are unheard.”

One of the movies Asad is producing this year with Mulberry is The Collaborator. It’s an adaptation of a prize-winning, international bestselling book by Mirza Waheed, told as a coming-of-age war story about a 17-year-old boy caught between India and Pakistan in a long-suffering border war over set in 1989.

Asad and veteran show-runner Sailesh Dave are also developing a period-based noir thriller set in the 1960’s around India’s nuclear program under Dr Homi Bhabha. The premium series project is based on Braham’s Singh’s best-selling novel “Bombay Swastika“.

Other Indian-themed projects in development are “Khatarnaak” a hip-hop themed dramatic series, and “Twilight in Delhi” a dramatization of the early 20th-century novel of the same name

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