“Ashirwad” Program for Senior Citizens Launched by Kauvery Hospital

  • The program was launched by Padma Shri Dr. Sirkazhi G Sivachidambaram

  • The program aims to cover a multidisciplinary healthcare service for our senior citizens

  • It will help the senior citizens to overcome the challenges faced by COVID-19 & avail a hassle free health service.

The COVID-19 pandemic has paved way for many challenges in healthcare, and one such challenge has been healthcare for senior citizens. Owing to the nature of pandemic, senior citizens were locked up at homes, without any contact from outside world and regular checkups were also compromised. A lot of cases were reported in the last few months, and many were taken to health care centers for emergency situations.

Kauvery Hospital Chennai launched the Ashirwad Program, a Multispeciality Geriatric Care initiative. Left to Right: Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam, Senior Family Physician, Kauvery Hospital, Prof. Dr. S Sivakumar, Senior Consultant, Geriatrics, Kauvery Hospital and Dr. Oviya Elango , Consultant Geriatrics Kauvery Hospital

This being the scenario, Kauvery Hospital Chennai, one of the leading healthcare in Tamil Nadu, launched the Kauvery Ashirwad Program, a multispeciality geriatric care initiative exclusively designed for senior citizens. The program includes a wide range of health services and checkups such as Diet counseling, eye checkups, dental care, Physiotherapy sessions, elder safe home assessment, ambulance services and home delivery of medicines. Apart from these it also covers mobile clinics or health checkups at the comforts of their home for senior citizens thus avoiding frequent hospital visits.

Prof. Dr. S Sivakumar, Senior Consultant Geriatrics, Kauvery Hospital says, “Regular monitoring of health for people above the age of 60 becomes mandatory. Especially those with complaints of blood pressure, diabetes, and heart ailments need to keep their vitals in check at regular intervals. Over the last 6 months, uncontrolled diabetes and blood pressure levels has increased the mortality by 30- 50% among senior citizens, especially due to the pandemic. While some have the practice of doing a visit to the hospital for general checkups, the pandemic has stopped them from doing the same. We have identified this gap in the senior citizen group and this program will help them to gain access to comprehensive healthcare.”

The launch also had Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam, Senior Family Phyisican, Kauvery Hospital and K Way – Editor who spoke about how the families can make use of this program provide care and safety for the elderly, while Dr. Oviya Elango Consultant Geriatrics, Kauvery Hospital highlighted on the concept of mobile clinics exclusively for senior citizens under the program.

Speaking on the launch of the program Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Executive Director, Kauvery Hospitals said, “Senior citizens in general have their own challenges in meeting their healthcare needs. And for those who do not stay with their families, it becomes more complicated to attend to their medical emergencies or needs. The lockdown phase has reinforced the need for special healthcare services for the elderly, minimizing their waiting time at hospitals, regular monitoring of their health and comprehensive recommendation for their healthy living. We believe this program will benefit the senior citizens at large, thereby helping them overcome challenges they face on a day to day basis. This program also highlights our commitment towards the healthcare for all.

The program will also assist families in planning a safe environment for the elderly at homes, and also provide them with a comprehensive health report. Speaking about the initiative Padma Shri Dr. Sirkazhi G Sivachidambaram said, “In today’s busy world, families find it challenging to keep a check on the health of senior citizens at their households. This program is a timely initiative that will help alot of senior citizens who are finding it tough to have regular checkups at hospitals and also assist families in managing the health of the elders at home. I appreciate the team at Kauvery Hospital for curating this program for the older section of the society.

The annual package which costs INR 7500, includes four free consultations by Geriatricians , two nursing home assessments, discounts on outpatient pharmacies, OP lab and radiology services.


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