IVS Solutions Sets Record with 100% Overseas Placement besides Permanent Residency Status


Continuing its glorious streak by counseling more than 10,000 students every year since 2012, IVS Solutions, a one-stop online platform for education, career, visa and foreign investment, has become the most successful education counseling and immigration firms in India.

IVS Solutions has achieved commendable success in providing 100% placement assistance to its students. Additionally, IVS Solutions has helped 90% of its students become successful professionals and gain permanent residents status in the countries like Canada and Australia. The success achieved by the students counseled by IVS Solutions speaks volumes about the hard work of the firm.

Sachin Sharma, Founder, IVS Solutions

Mr. Sachin Sharma, Founder, IVS Solutions said, “We take pride in providing our students a direction for growth in their career. We have students who came to us for counseling as a student and today they are successful professionals and permanent residents of the most desired foreign countries across the world. Our students are our top priority and we search for a university according to the best fit for every individual student depending on the criteria and reasons of studying abroad.”

Ms. Ruchika Sharma, Managing Partner, IVS Solutions added, “We understand that a lot of students are looking for permanent residency of other countries and hence at IVS Solutions we provide education and immigration services to our students under one roof. All our services are completely online and our counselors are available to our students at all times around the world.”

IVS Solutions specializes in getting student admission into the top 100 universities in the world and has an impressive record of securing seats for their students in universities like The University of Toronto, Schulich School of Business, Sauder Business School, Leeds University, NYU etc.

IVS Solutions provides counseling for 30+ countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, UAE and India. As soon as a student attends a counseling session with IVS Solutions, its counselors understand their criteria and reasons of studying abroad. They make a plan as per the student criteria, which includes finance, location, education and much more. According to Ms. Namrata Sharma, Senior Counselor, IVS Solutions, “Today, many students without any proper guidance choose a course that does not lead to a successful career. IVS Solutions strongly believes that through education a student should be able to find a better paying job and hence it focuses on matching the aspirations of a student with the right academic course.

Post-pandemic, a lot of courses are being delivered in a blended format, which is a combination of online and on campus studies. This may have an impact on the postgraduate work permit that students seek after completing their education. The immigration rules change frequently and not all courses qualify for a postgraduate work permit. It is very important to ensure that the course the student wants to pursue, qualifies for the work permit. The duration of post-graduate work permit differs from country to country.

As a parent, the need to have a firm like IVS Solutions by your side is more important than ever, especially when planning your child’s education and career in the current critical times.

About IVS Solutions

IVS Solutions is a complete online solutions provider for education, career, visa & foreign investment. We provide education and immigration assistance to over 30 countries across the globe. Using technology as a tool, IVS endeavors to provide a transparent, user-friendly and more accessible service to its clients. We provide necessary services within the realms of relocation and visits to various countries. Our list of clients includes well-known personalities from India who have also provided there video testimony on our Facebook page. As a part of our goal to provide efficient services and better guidance to students of India, who wish to study abroad in countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia etc, we are conducting seminars in various schools.


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