Learning Resource Centre at Oakridge Bachupally Hyderabad is a New-age Readers’ Paradise


Oakridge International School, Bachupally inaugurated its new 3196 Sq. ft. Learning Resource Centre (Library) recently. Mr. Kingshuk Nag (Writer and Senior Journalist), Mr. Shomie Das (IB Education Visionary and Educational Advisor to Nord Anglia India) and Mr. JP Narayana (General Secretary – Foundation for Democratic Reforms) addressed the students virtually during the launch event.

Mr. Kingshuk Nag, Principal Baljeet Oberoi and Mr.Shomie Das inaugurating the library

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kingshuk Nag said, “It was a great experience to inaugurate the library in Oakridge International School. The library is set up as reader-friendly. Unlike the usual practice, the books are on open shelves and so are inviting (in contrast to if they were on closed shelves). More importantly, the range of books is amazing. I was delighted to find the first book that I authored ‘The Double life of Ramalinga Raju’, which is now being shot as a film.”

A Library with over 7000 plus books

From adventure to mystery to fiction, the new library houses more than 7000 books belonging to various academic and non-academic streams. “With its book suited to the interest and aptitudes of students of different age-group with its periodicals, newspapers, magazines, and with its calm and tranquil atmosphere, it has a special call to those students who quench their thirst for reading those materials, which cannot be provided in the classroom,” said Neha Kalligudi of Grade 9.

This beautiful library space has been tailor-made with its students’ inputs keeping their reading environment requisite in mind to cater to lifelong learning. For creating a magical experience for the bookworms, the library offers students various other facilities including separate sections for the Early Years with soft toys, a soundproof discussion room, the latest edition of encyclopedias and books, diversified study material and educational resources, access to digital data and surfing. With its beautiful and cozy reading corners, children will be able to curl up in a comfortable position with their favorite book.

Speaking on the occasion, Baljeet Oberoi, Principal, Oakridge Bachupally says, “Since the very first sight on the State-of-art Learning Resource Centre project, I was keen to provide a boundless education system and a space that will assist our aspiring students. This new library now offers the students a growth-enhancing opportunity & self-development environment.”

To know more about Oakridge International School Bachupally, please visit: www.oakridge.in/bachupally.


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