Tickles is Helping Parents to Switch to Eco-friendly Parenthood, Offers Reusable Cloth Diapers


Tickles is a one-stop solution to provide parents every place with top-of-the-line child-care products that care for their child and are eco-friendly. Tickles promises premium quality products made up of 100% cotton/natural fabric. The products are proudly manufactured and lab-tested in India; Tickles is looking to take Green Parenting to the world from India.

Tickles Co-founders

Tickles claim to serve products that are Chemical Free, Re-usable, & Environment Friendly. Tickles products are available on leading e-commerce partners FirstCry, Amazon, and CRED.

Darshan K. Doshi is the founder of Tickles who works in Singapore in the IT industry and has 12 years of tech experience Pratik Mavani, Co-founder of Tickles, works as a Business Development Manager in UAE’s IT Industry. They have both brought their immense experience to the table with the intention to take Tickles to new heights.

While expecting their first baby, Darshan K. Doshi, the founder of Tickles, and his wife heard about ‘Cloth diapers‘. Out of curiosity, they started exploring this product and discovered more. This curiosity led to the birth of Tickles, a premium and eco-friendly childcare brand of India.

On the evening of 15th July 2019, Darshan and Pratik Mavani laid the foundation of Tickles. The idea was to come up with a reusable diaper that not only helps parents to switch to eco-friendly parenting but also to take utmost care for the baby’s comfort.

The story behind the name Tickles is both interesting and heart-warming. Tickles is an emotion of fun which pertains to people of all ethnicity and age group, and it brings a smile on a baby’s face. “Tickles” was chosen after discussing multiple brand names. The team was looking for a term that reflects fun, positivity, and innocence. And the name Tickles encapsulates all!

The Indian market for kids’ products is proposing a massive opportunity to investors. The kids’ essential market in India is over Rs. 13,000 crore, is thriving at the rate of 10 percent and will reach annual growth of 30-35 percent. An incredible growth curve can be seen in the demand for baby products and services in India.

Traditionally, baby products and services have continued in the sphere of the house and the hearth. But since the past decade or so, this has gradually evolved into a valuable niche which has encouraged both big and small brands to venture into this segment with hopes of making a substantial profit in the same.

Tickles aims to save nature, invest in research and creativity, be practical and innovative, and build a high-quality product. Tickles wants to be a pioneer in the environmentally sustainable childcare market.

Tickles launched its flagship product, ‘Reusable Cloth Diapers‘, in October 2020.

Tickles is unique in its build quality, material, and craftsmanship. The hand feel of the product is soft and elegant. The plush and unique organic cotton blend Velour is exclusively used only by Tickles in India for cloth diapers.

Every Tickles Diaper pack comes with an awareness card, a wash bag, and a vibrant colour cloth diaper. The company highlights that it did not come across any other competitor with such a complete solution. Tickles is the only brand which offers umbilical cord protection for a new born in their diapers.

Tickles believes that the new generation is more aware and sensitive towards the environment. Their aim is to make their product accessible to all and make their product synonymous with childcare. They aim to become the first choice of every parent and replace disposable diaper brands that are harsh on the skin as well as the environment.

For more information, please visit: tickles.in. or follow them on Instagram @ticklescare.


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