A Man’s Guide to the menstrual cycle Explaining Periods To Men

A Man's Guide to the menstrual cycle Explaining Periods To Men

A Man’s Guide to the menstrual cycle Explaining Periods To Men

Period, Menstrual cycle, Chums!!!!! These words are known to men but they can be another language for them. Periods are a difficult time for most women. Men try to be sensitive towards it, but they are left super super confused. Should they be caring or should they ignore?  It becomes strenuous for them to understand the emotional wiring. Here is a guide for men  to know about women during periods

# It is an emotional rollercoaster for women

You have seen your girlfriend breakdown so many times. Periods surely can make the hormones go haywire. It is a turbulent moment for them. This can lead to mood swings. One moment she can be crazy and screaming for ice-cream, the next moment she will  be all cheerful for the grocery shopping. She will also be going through period cramps and be in bed all day. THe best thing for you  to do will be to give her the space she requires and understand that this is temporary. Be handy with the heat pad and ice cream, this will be a special 

# It is not true for every women though

The symptoms of mood swings and cramps is common for many women, but not all women have a breakdown or show these emotional symptoms. The handle with great strength. you might want to cuddle and be careful, but that is the wrong move. TReat it just another regular day

# Do not call her fat

Well during this period there is excess water restored in the body. This is due to the hormonal fluctuations. Her stomach might look bloated and she might be gassy. Please understand that she is not looking fat and it’s just water weight.  What you should do? Make sure she eats less salty food as it will cause her more harm. Do not share the fries!!! Be Joey.

# SEx is not a curse during periods

Well, women are on heat during periods. They also like to have sex. Sex actually uplifts their mood. Do not be disgusted by the period blood. Have sex with her. It is safe and okay, just avoid oral sex. Period sex is good as the vagina is lubricated.

#  Keep it protected

Well, it is a myth that women cannot be knocked up during periods. There is a huge chance that she is already ovulating. Precaution is best for both as unprotected sex can lead to infections also and get her impregnated.

Hope this helps when your girlfriend has periods next month. Be a man who empathizes with her in this situation and understands what she is going through both physically and emotionally. The period is natural and men should appreciate it too.


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