India’s First Concept-driven Premium Sleepwear Brand ‘Ruh – The Soul’ Promotes Quality Sleep for Better Health


Ruh – The Soul, India’s first concept-driven premium sleepwear brand that promotes quality sleep for better health and well-being launched in India. The sustainable brand focuses on a unique message around the importance of sleep and comfortable sleepwear within its signature collection.

Ruh – The Soul, Indias first concept-driven sleepwear brand

The brand has not only initiated a unique message with its signature collection titled ‘Lotus Collection‘ but also solves problems for women’s sleepwear. Ruh – The Soul has created a design for women which aims to solve major problems for women wearing inners at night. Curated for men and women of all ages, this brand is beyond just comfortable sleepwear.

Ruh stands for a pure, clean, comfortable, sustainable, and holistic approach. The brand mainly focuses on solving sleepwear problems. Ruh – The Soul aims to promote the idea, concept, and benefits of wearing minimal clothing to sleep at night as your body relaxes, breaths, and grows at that time. Creating awareness on wearing the right clothing to sleep is what drove the brand to come up with a solution that serves all-purpose.

As it is a proven fact that sleeping naked is healthier. In addition to the metabolic effects of sleeping in the buff, removing your clothes improves blood circulation, which is good for your heart and muscles. Quality sleep will also increase the release of the growth hormone, ‘melatonin‘, both of which have anti-aging benefits. Ruh is hypoallergenic apparel. Built so that men, women, kids who are allergic to certain clothing can still be comfortable.

Speaking on the ideation, the Founders of Ruh, said, Despite the proven facts that sleeping naked or wearing lesser clothes are healthier, not everyone is able to do it due to various reasons. Hence the ideation behind this is a blend of creating the most comfortable and right sleepwear for people that also makes them feel like they’ve worn minimal or no clothing. We wish to endorse the quality and the importance of sleep and how the brand would help in solving the concerns.

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About Ruh – The Soul

Founded in 2020, Ruh – The Soul is a luxury premium quality sleepwear brand for men, women, and kids. The homegrown brand introduces a signature collection of organic cotton wear with a unique concept for comfortable sleepwear. The idea behind the concept was to create awareness of wearing the right clothing to sleep, it is what drove the brand to come up with a solution that serves all-purpose.


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