MRN Foundation Fulfils ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ Promises, Empowers a Young Girl Jayashree, Daughter of a Hard-working Woman


Deepa – a mother of three children (two daughters and one son), is a Yemalur based hustler who wakes up to take care of her family and many other households. The earlier part of her day goes in packing lunch boxes for her family and a bunch of extended family members, and then for the later part she sets out to working at several households around Yemalur.

MRN Foundation – an initiative by Shri Murugesh Nirani, Minister of Mines and Geology Karnataka, awards a scholarship to young and meritorious Jayashree, whose mother Deepa raises her family single-handedly by working at several households

Deepa’s fight for a better life gets fiercer by the minute. She recognised the need for education that will help her children rise from these dire situations, and has hence pledged to give them the best of opportunities. Every rupee that she earns, she saves – only to be able to spend on her daughters’ education (given, her son is only 7 years old). She sends both her daughters to reputed schools that are affiliated to ICSE syllabus. As of now, she is unable to send her son to an equally reputed school, however her immediate focus is to help her eldest daughter enter into her Xth grade and ensure her pivotal year at schooling doesn’t get effected.

Thanks to MRN Foundation, today Deepa’s daughter Jayashree can believe in a bright career! Beti bachao, Beti padhao

However, being the sole earning member of the family, the increasing expenses began to pinch her pockets, with 2020 making it even worse for her. Never to seek help using pity points, Deepa started spreading out the word if any organisation would be willing to sponsor her daughter’s final year in school.

The word travelled, in rounds, until it reached the ears of the MRN Foundation – a non-government organisation set up by Murugesh R Nirani, Minister of Mines and Geology, Karnataka, to empower the lives of the rural communities by providing them with opportunities to live and lead more meaningful lives. After hearing Deepa’s story, MRN Foundation leapt at the opportunity of funding the education of this little girl, who will have the chance to thank her mother for her relentlessness, throughout.

In line with Honourable Prime Ministers initiative ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao‘, this encouragement from MRN Foundation to fund Deepa’s daughter – Jayashree’s education, will set an example to many other girl children to never let their beginnings decide their fate.

Deepa, with happy tears in her eyes, said, “I was married at her age (16). But I knew I wanted my daughters to be raised differently. My dream is for my daughter to help several girls and women realise their dreams too. I hope she continues to excel in her life, and that she always remembers to give back to the community. She wants to be an IPS officer, and I will do everything I can to support her. I’m filled with gratitude towards Nirani Sir, for his kind gesture, because he reinstated our faith in good days and good people. This world needs more men like him, who empower women.”


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