Should You Search Google or Type a URL?

Should You Search Google or Type a URL?

Search Google or type a URL’ is actually the default words or suggestion you see displayed in the address bar (also called Omnibox because of its multipurpose function) of a web browser before you key in the word or words or URL you want to search.

Instead of seeing “search Google or type a URL”, it could come in a slightly different variation like ‘search or type web address’ but the import is the same – for you to key in the words you want to search for on the address bar or search bar if you prefer to call it that and then click enter or put in the link to a specific website that you want to access on the web browser (such as chrome) and click enter.

While there are so many to get information from websites on the net, such as through social media platforms, other websites or apps, and so on, these two options: searching Google or typing a URL are the most popular means of getting access to websites that have the information you are looking for on search engines such as the google search engine.

The question this piece is posed is: which of the two roads that lead to a website is a better choice? Should one type in the name of the website and click enter and then click on the relevant result that comes up from the search to get to the website or just type in or paste the full URL of the website straight into the browser address bar or search bar to be connected directly to the desired website?

Indeed, whichever way you choose to do it, you are sure to get results but there are certain subtle variations that we would examine in this article which will help you to make up your mind on whether to search Google or type a URL. Let’s have a critical look at the pros and cons of searching Google or typing a URL.

Using the Search Google Option

Search engines were created for easy access to information at the top of your screen or click of a button. There is no end to what you can access on the internet, from websites to mail, pictures, and so on. To use a search engine to access or find websites on the internet is known as web indexing.

This option requires that you type in the keyword or name of the site you wish to access into your browser’s search bar. If you do not know the specific URL address or have forgotten the exact name of the website or the composition of the URL address, this option is meant for you. All you need to do is type in the name of the website or a word that is closely associated with it into the address bar on the web browser. After this, the search engine goes to work and you will have to sift through the search engine result page presented by the search engine to find the one that best answers your query or that leads to the site you are looking for. 

However, if you know very well the exact URL of the site you want to visit, it is only wise that you save yourself the hassle of going through the above long process of searching through the search engine result pages and looking search results and then clicking on the right link. Simply input the particular website and find yourself on the desired website. Searching Google can be time-wasting and requires more data. You would have to load two different pages or even more before you get to the site you are looking for. Typing in a URL into the search box or search bar as some people call it can save you that data, energy, and time.

Using the ‘Type in a URL’ Option

URL is short for Uniform Resource Locator. It is the address of a resource or website. It is the link that is displayed in the address bar or search box when you are on a website.

As we have said earlier, this option is great if you know the exact combination of words and phrases that make up the exact URL or you can copy it from some other place and paste it on the browser’s address bar. 

Simply type in or paste the exact URL into the browser’s address bar (now known as Omnibox) and click enter. As far as the site is still active, it is sure to open up. This is an expressway to get access to any site you are looking for, unlike the search Google option in which you may not even see the website you are looking for in the search results because it was not ranked high in the search engine optimization index. This would mean that you would have to look through several search results or type in more specific keywords to get to the exact website you want to visit.

Typing in a URL when looking for a website is not so difficult. You can even type in the abridged form of the link and then click enter if you do not have the full URL and still get directed to the website. 

If you are looking to access specific information on a website, the best way to do this is by typing in the website’s URL in the search bar followed by the keywords.

Try this quick experiment

Test 1: Pick a topic and then open a new tab in your Chrome browser and type in what you’re looking for. Make sure to not word is like a keyword.

Test 2: Now open another new tab in your Chrome browser and type in the URL of the site where you think you’ll find your topic along with the topic itself like this site: topic (note: always use the main URL unless you know the specific page you would like to search).

Compare the results. You’ll see that Test 1 will produce a search results page with lots of links pointing to what Google search thinks is the best answer to your query while Test 2 will produce a search results page only within the URL you provided.

How can this help with your website?

Make sure to do your keyword research so that your links will show up when a user searches for what you do or sell. In today’s internet climate, you can’t afford to depend on someone searching your site for a specific phrase. Try to rank for as many relevant phrases as possible to increase your chances of showing up when visitors are in a buying mood. 


The internet is a world of its own with so many pages, websites, and resources. Web browsers are one of the portals to the digital world of the internet. Through web browsers, you can access websites and millions of resources and information.

Using the “Search Google or type a URL” feature of Google Chrome’s Omnibox is the most popular way of accessing a website or information on the internet. It is used by the majority of internet users to surf the internet easily by simply entering the keywords into the Omnibox and pressing enter upon which they would be supplied by the computer with a number of search results from the keyword or words entered. They would then choose from the results, the one that best fits what they are looking for. The second option which is simpler is for them to type in the URL of the website containing the needed resource or information and click enter and just like that, they are immediately taken to the website, with no detours

Looking at the benefits of the type in URL option, it is safe to say that it is a better choice compared to the search Google option because of its ease as well as the time, energy, and data saving nature


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