Amazon India Scales up its Employee Experience Quotient with Sodexo’s Digital Meal Benefits


Sodexo the leader in Digital Employee Benefits, starts the year on a great note. At the beginning of the year, Amazon – India’s largest e-commerce retailer introduced Sodexo’s digital meal benefits, powered by the Zeta platform, to its 100,000+ employees across India. This initiative was introduced at a time when many large organizations are rethinking the employee experience strategy to improve the quality of life of their employees during such unprecedented times.

Meal Card Powered by Zeta

Sodexo’s iconic digital meal benefit “Sodexo Meal Pass” will now be made available to 100,000+ employees of Amazon in India, where every employee will get the opportunity to use his/her meal benefit at the nearest food outlet, leading food portals as well as office cafeteria. Employees will experience greater freedom of choice on Sodexo’s proprietary network in metros and small towns, for purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages. The administration of benefits will be seamless for Amazon as it comes with Sodexo’s strong service standards and highest compliance. It is supported by Zeta’s robust technology, where the tech-savvy employees of Amazon can use their digital meal benefits both online and offline by via the Sodexo-Zeta App. Employees can scan QR codes to make safe contactless payments, avail exclusive deals, and manage their benefits on the go!

About Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services India

The Sodexo Group works towards improving the quality of daily life for employees, partners, and customers across the world. Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services India is a 100% digital Employee Motivation & Benefits Services provider and partner to 11,000+ companies across the public and private sectors. Our Employee Benefit Solutions are customized to meet specific needs of organizations and help them develop their best-motivated workforce.

Sodexo BRS India offers a range of employee benefit solutions. The meal benefit offerings include the Meal Pass and Cafeteria Pass cards. The company’s Gifting & Recognition offerings include the Premium Pass Celebrations card for festivals & special occasions and Premium Pass Rewards card for ongoing rewards and recognition programs. The new-age and fully digital Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass solution helps organizations deliver all employee benefits like meal, fuel, telecom, learning & development, health & wellness and much more on a single card. With employee benefit solutions that cater to all needs, Sodexo reaches out to millions of consumers everyday across 1,700+ small towns and cities nationally.


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