Blocked Fallopian Tubes – A Major Cause of Female Infertility

Blocked Fallopian Tubes – A Major Cause of Female Infertility

Blocked Fallopian Tubes – A Major Cause of Female Infertility

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful phases of women’s life that every woman adores and loves. This phase might be tough but is one of a beautiful phase. The process of nine months of pregnancy gives immense pleasure to the woman for bringing a new life into this beautiful world.

Some women face many problems while conceiving or getting pregnant because of numerous reasons that we are going to discuss below but before that, we want to present a solution for that, which will help you in inseminating without any hassle.

You can easily inseminate through the insemination kit. Numerous companies provide you all with home insemination kits. A home insemination kit allows you to perform the insemination at your comfort and ease.

Reasons behind women being Infertile

Infertility means not being able to conceive because of certain reasons. There are numerous reasons for not conceiving or being infertile, such as hormonal issues, issues regarding cervical, problems in the uterine, etc.

Hormonal Imbalance:

There might be a problem in getting pregnant because of unusual hormones or fallopian tubes block. In case you are experiencing hormonal imbalance then it might lead to thickening of the uterus lining that leads to infertility. These hormonal issues can be treated with the help of medicines. By consulting a proper doctor or gynecologist you can treat your hormonal imbalance.

Issues in cervical:

Few women face problems that do not let the sperm pass via the canal of the cervical. Insufficient of cervical means the cervical opens too easily without any problem. The insufficient cervical problem leads to infertility or not getting pregnant. There is no need to worry this can be treated with proper fallopian tube block treatment from a gynecologist.

The problem in Uterine:

There are possibilities that you encounter polyps or fibroids that create hindrances to pregnancy. Polyps in the uterine happen when many cells have grown in the endometrium which is the uterus lining. Fibroids in the uterine happen when they grow on the uterus wall.

Among all, a major cause of female infertility is a blockage caused in fallopian tubes or damage caused in the fallopian tubes. Blockage in fallopian tubes means that the way through which the sperms will get to eggs is blocked.

Fallopian tubes carry the eggs to the uterus from the ovaries where the egg develops into a baby. In case fallopian tubes block the chances of getting pregnant lawyers. In case the fallopian tube has encountered any blockage then the sperm will not be able to meet the egg because the passage is blocked. Instead, it will move downward, hence leading to infertility.

A fallopian tube is a place where the sperm and the egg meet for fertilization. In case the fallopian tube is blocked then it may lead to not joining the sperm and the eggs.

If two of the fallopian tubes are blocked then conceiving is not possible without any treatment.

In case both of blocked fallopian tubes, only one of them is blocked, and then there are chances of you getting pregnant. But there are chances of getting an ectopic pregnancy.

The blockage in one of the fallopian tubes will not affect fertility as the egg will be able to travel the passage of the fallopian tube.

How does home insemination work in removing infertility?

The home insemination kit helps in entering more and more sperms in the uterus by easing the exposure and extending it so that the sperms can easily move in the mucus of the cervix.

The sperms move through the environment of vagina hence it reduces the chances of losing the sperm out of the virginal area. The insemination kit comes with a cup that holds the vaginal wall upon insertion and then it opens when pushed at the vaginal top that is near the cervix. Therefore it prevents the backflow or outward flow of the semen within the vagina.

The more and more sperm cells are inserted in the uterus near the cervix, the higher are the chances of conceiving.

Home artificial insemination improves the chances of pregnancy at home by maintaining your privacy without disturbance. This procedure of insemination is not only easy but also is a smooth and simple one, thus providing you with great comfort and effectiveness.

The home insemination kit is 100% certified and medical graded, with easy insertion and removal process.

The best thing that a home insemination kit provides you is that it is lead invasive.

How to perform insemination with the help of a Home insemination kit?

  • Firstly you are supposed to collect assignments in a clean and Sterilised utensil or cup. You need to make sure that you do not use any kind of protection while performing this as the protection contains spermicidal chemicals.
  • The step is that you have to pull the plunger of the home insemination syringe out, then you have to The air that is there in it. Once you’re able to produce vacuum then you have to dip the syringe tip in the container that is full of semen.
  •  You have to suck so much semen at a single go so that the syringe is full. You can even add a medical line in the container which contains semen so that you can extract the semen properly.
  • Do not forget to remove the air bubbles from the syringe only by tapping it gently on either side. Pushing the air out of the syringe you can comfortably place yourself in a position from which you will not be able to move for 30 minutes.
  • Next is you need to keep a pillow below your waist so that the position of your hips is not higher than your upper body and you can sit comfortably in that position for the next 30 minutes without moving.
  • Now you need to insert the syringe gently into your vagina and slowly and steadily you have to inject the semen into your vagina or at the cervix. You need to take care that you insert the semen or inject the semen slowly because if you inject it too fast then it will escape out of your vagina hence spilling it all out.
  • Once you’re finished with this or injecting the semen into your vagina. You need to see properly so that the syringe is emptied, then you have to wait for 30 minutes so that the semen goes to the correct place.

You only need to follow these simple steps given in the procedure and you’ll be able to be the next mother by conceiving.

Benefits of using a home insemination kit.

There are various benefits of home insemination.

The main benefits of home insemination are that you can perform the insemination in your comfort and being in privacy. Home insemination provides you with the flexibility of doing the insemination process as per your will and at the time you want it to be done. In case you are working in a sperm bank then you can plan your delivery of donor sperm as per your ovulation cycle. Therefore it increases the chances of you conceiving and getting pregnant.

Insemination at home reduces your stress and chances of any side-effects and the costing that you might and counter while you go to a clinic for the same procedure. Home insemination only requires a few things that are available at your nearby drug store or online. Many companies are there that provide you with the facility of delivering a home insemination kit in your footsteps without any hassle.

Although single women or couples who are not able to conceive can opt for home insemination which is an excellent idea. You can start your family with whom insemination will not lead to any kind of problem or hassle.

You can also search on the internet on how to make home insemination successful.

Home insemination is the most convenient way to look for conceiving or getting pregnant as you can perform this by just sitting back at your couch at your comfortable pace.

Not only these home insemination success rates are ten to fifteen percent as home and semination have already given many families their pleasure of being parents.


As already mentioned above pregnancy is a beautiful face in the life of a woman that every woman around the world wants to experience but some fail due to many reasons. But with the help of innovative ideas that have exposed you with the possibilities of conceiving, has brought you with an idea of home insemination. With the help of a home insemination kit, you can take the pleasure of being a mother without indulging yourself in a physical relationship with anyone. You will be able to bring a new life to the world with the help of this insemination kit.

Let yourself be the one who brings life to this beautiful world and let it be the future of the world. Do not hesitate in ordering a home insemination kit if you are in the desire of being a mother.


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